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Dividend Kings

Dividend kings are companies that have raised their dividend for at least 50 consecutive years.

Dividend kings have survived periods of inflation, commodity booms and busts, rising interest rates, economic recessions, terrorist attacks, market crashes, evolving consumer tastes, major technology advancements, and more.

Any business that has made it through every environment imaginable while maintaining regular dividend increases is worth analyzing.

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Dividend kings are outstanding businesses that have demonstrated durability, consistent free cash flow generation, stable returns on capital, and (of course) predictable dividend growth.

While there are over 60 stocks in the S&P Dividend Aristocrats Index, which contains companies in the S&P 500 Index that have raised their dividend for at least 25 consecutive years, there are only 37 dividend kings.

The latest companies to join the dividend kings list are big-box retailer Target, fintech provider Computer Services, industrial coatings maker PPG, engineered components manufacturer Leggett & Platt, and industrial distributor W.W. Grainger.

Here is a look at all of the dividend kings by sector and the number of consecutive fiscal years each king has paid higher dividends.
Source: Simply Safe Dividends
Different methodologies exist to determine whether a company is worthy of being crowned as a dividend king.

We calculate dividend growth streaks using a company's latest completed fiscal year, which can be the same as a calendar year or a different 12-month period.

As a result, our list includes Parker-Hannifin and Sysco, which both have fiscal years that end in June (rather than December).

Both of these businesses have had periods where their dividends per share were flat for two consecutive calendar years (2015-16 and 2003-04 for Parker-Hannifin and 1975-76 for Sysco), but their fiscal year streaks remained intact. 

Finally, we also include Altria on our list. While Altria's headline dividend decreased in 2007-08 following the spin-offs of Kraft Foods and Philip Morris International, the aggregate dividend amount has continued rising.

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