Do‑It‑Yourself doesn't mean All‑By‑Yourself

Dividend cuts. Steep losses. Constant worry. You're saving thousands by managing your own dividend portfolio, but this is no way to spend your retirement. Simply Safe Dividends has you covered.

Everything a dividend investor needs, all in one place.

With Simply Safe Dividends, you can...

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Our service is different by design.

It's the Wild West these days in the online finance industry — anyone can launch a service and promise the world. Here's why Simply Safe Dividends stands out:

  1. All of our research is published by Brian Bollinger, a CPA and former analyst at an investment fund. We don't outsource research, customer support, or anything else. Everything is done in-house so you can trust the work.
  2. We don't sell ads and have no incentive to write sensational headlines to attract eyeballs. 100% of our revenue is from subscriptions, which aligns our incentives with those of our customers.
  3. We don't promote frequent trading to justify the value of our service. Everything we do revolves around helping investors stick to a plan when faced with uncertainty. Often, that means making people feel comfortable doing nothing.
  4. We'll never publish a "10 hot stocks to buy right now" list or anything like that. We don't ask people to blindly follow any recommendations. Our M.O. is to give people the tools they need to make informed, confident decisions.
  5. We set the standard for transparency in this industry. We publish a realtime track record of our Dividend Safety Scores and performance metrics for our portfolios (see a sample newsletter). No backtesting bias, just real results.
  6. We have over 2,000 customers and have grown every year without any active marketing. No paid ads, no gimmicky promotions, no stuffing our content all over the web. We focus all of our energy on improving our service, and our business grows primarily through word-of-mouth.

$399/year with a generous refund policy.

One simple price, all inclusive. No upsells, no surprise price hikes, no gimmicks. If you subscribe and decide within 60 days the service isn't a good fit, we will refund you every penny — no questions asked. After that, you can cancel anytime in a couple clicks.

Four years in, trusted by over 2,000 retirees.

Since our founding in 2015, we've received countless unsolicited emails from customers with stories of how our service has helped them. Here's just a few of those notes:

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